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Big and Strong Promotions has made a distinct name for themselves in the U.S. Caribbean carnival market. With a focus on Miami/Broward carnival, the Brooklyn-based group debuted their first band -BIG MONEY-in 2005 and the following year reinvented themselves with the birth of the now ever-popular, One Island Body Paint Band.

The name One Island Body Paint Band was derived from our promotion experience.  We noticed that our events were attended by a wide variety of islanders, and they all got along so well that one would think they came from One Island.

Our vision never changes. It just grows to encompass the expectations – the needs and wants - of our Caribbean Diaspora. It is always our goal to give our customers the ultimate carnival experience. That is, the positive fulfilment of each masquerader on the road; every patron at our fetes; and every spectator on the streets!

Big and Strong’s – One Island Body Paint Band has evolved from just a T-shirt band with the dab and dash Jouvert style paint into the most talked-about Miami carnival band with elaborate costumes, powerful music and top of the line service!  One Island Body Paint Band is currently the largest & most popular band to participate in the South Florida annual carnival.

We strive to always give our masqueraders a 5 Star Ultimate Experience!

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