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Concrete Wall

Unleash the vibrancy of Cinco de Mayo, shine brighter than Diwali's luminous lights, and let your spirit dance as lively as during Lunar New Year. Don your costume and become a part of the worldwide holidays that inspire us, bringing us closer as a global community. This is not just about representation; it's about celebration, about embracing the diverse holiday traditions that make our world so vibrant and unique.

Each costume is a tribute to a different global celebration, intricately crafted to honor the essence and spirit of each holiday. From the pastel hues of Easter, the dynamic reds and greens of Christmas, to the incandescent sparkles of Tanabata, we celebrate them all. Every stitch, every sequin, and every feather captures the joy, the unity, and the spirit of our shared global celebrations.

This year's Holidazed isn't just another Carnival - it's a grand global gala that immerses you in the joyous celebrations of cultures far and wide. Prepare to be Holidazed as we jam down the streets of Miami, echoing the jubilant cheers of worldwide festivities.

Join us in this extraordinary parade of culture and celebration, as we unite under the sun-soaked skies of Miami. Lose yourself in the rhythmic beats of the Carnival, be spellbound by the dazzling spectacle of costumes, and most importantly, be Holidazed - in a celebration that transcends borders.

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